Google Sites – a good simple solution

A very easy-to-use website builder but still able to build very beautiful and visual websites.

Anyone with a google account can create any number of websites for free, including free hosting.

Easy to use block editor

You can organise the layout of images, titles and paragraphs yourself or select a pre designed block and just insert your own text and images.

Insert any number of pre designed block layouts into your page or create your own layout.

Eye catching webpage header

Choose your own cover photo to fill the page or make it into a banner or just have your title at the head of your page.

Drag, drop and resize images or blocks of text

Use your mouse to move or alter the size of images or blocks of texts.

If you are on a laptop or desktop and you have a google account you can start designing you own website by clicking on the button below.

The website editor is not suitable for use from a smartphone or tablet