How to add a sidebar to WordPress Twenty twenty-three theme

You need to carry out two tasks

  1. Create a sidebar block and add your widgets in that block
  2. Create a page template and insert your sidebar

Create and design your sidebar

Open up the editor, go to patterns and click on “Manage all template parts” where you can create a sidebar template part.

Click on “Add new template part” and start adding widgets, text, media and whatever else you wish, then give it a name and save. You can design many different sidebars to go on different templates.

Now you can create a new page template and insert your new sidebar, first click on “Add new template” and start by adding a header, two columns, and a footer.

Inside the first column, you can insert the featured image, title, and content. Inside the second column insert the sidebar you have just designed.

The list view should look like this.